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Eye and Vision Exams at Aucello Eyecare Center serving Newington, South Windsor, Manchester and surrounding areas.

When you stop and think about how much of the world's beauty reaches you through your eyes, is there anything you wouldn't do preserve their well-being? One of the most important strategies for doing so also happens to be one of the easiest - scheduling periodic eye and vision exams at Aucello Eyecare Center. Our team of optometrists in Newington and South Windsor, CT can check to make sure that your eyes are in good health, working well and conveying clear vision.

Our trusted optometrists in Newington & South Windsor, CT can check to make sure that your eyes are healthy and working well. Call today for an appointment!

What to Expect from Your Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is a series of procedures aimed at giving our optometrists the most accurate possible picture of your current eye health, eye function and visual acuity. Whether you're experiencing obvious eye or vision problems or not, our optometrists highly recommend that you schedule a comprehensive eye exam every year just to play it safe.  (Seniors, with their elevated risk for age-related ocular complaints, and individuals suffering from certain eye disorders should go in for more frequent evaluations.) You can expect us to administer the following steps:

  • Eye health - The most accurate eye health exams are performed under pupil dilation. Dilated pupils give us a wider viewing angle to examine the inner structures of the eye. This helps us see the telltale signs of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment and optic nerve damage -- all of which require the soonest possible diagnosis and treatment. We also test for glaucoma using methods such as tonometry to measure your intraocular fluid pressure.

  • Eye function - In order for your eyes and brain to team and up and create clear visual images, they must be communicating with each other properly. Eye function testing lets us check for any mechanical or neurological barriers to that communication. We will examine your eyes' alignment as well as their ability to focus, move in unison, track objects and so on. We also test your peripheral vision, depth/color perception and eye dominance to see if you could benefit from visual therapy or other corrective treatments.

Vision Testing for Refractive Disorders

Sometimes an elongation, foreshortening or other irregularity in the shape of the eye causes blurred vision at specific distances. This type of problem is called a refractive error. Our visual acuity tests reveal how clearly you can see at all distances based on how well you can read an eye chart. If you're experiencing blurriness, you'll keep reading the chart through a viewer called a phoropter while we make adjustments to find the ideal degree of correction.

Optomap Daytona: an Exciting New Service from Our Optometrists in Newington and South Windsor

At Aucello Eye Care Center, we aim to offer you the finest care in the area, and that includes investing in the newest and best technology. We're proud to announce we now offer eye examinations featuring the Optomap system. This new technology will allow our eye doctor in South Windsor to see the interior of your eye much better, allowing us to diagnose problems much earlier than before.

South Windsor Optometrist Explains Optomap Daytona

With a traditional eye examination, our South Windsor optometrist will use eye drops to dilate your eyes. This allows him to see the interior of your eye when he shines a light into it. Some patients find this combination of dilation and bright lights very uncomfortable. With our new technology, Optomap Daytona, the discomfort is completely gone. It's a retinal imaging device that allows our doctor to look deeper and more thoroughly into your eyes, giving him the ability to diagnose conditions that were never visible under traditional exam methods.

Traditional exam methods examine a small portion of the retina around the front of the eye. Optomap Daytona has an ultra-wide field digital scanning technology, which allows our doctor to see up to 82 percent of the retina at one time. It can show digital images of different layers of the retina, providing the doctor with the most comprehensive information about your optical abnormalities.

Optometrist in Newington Talks about Eye Exams and Health

Your eyes can be windows into your general health, and this technology can allow your optometrist in Newington to diagnose problems not even related to your eyesight. Some of the health problems that show clues in the eyes are:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Risk of strokes
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Signs of heart disease

While your eye doctor in Newington can't treat your general health problems, he can be a valuable ally by diagnosing these serious conditions and alerting you to them. Early diagnosis is the best case scenario for every disease, and is usually the key to a full and speedy recovery.

Schedule an Eye Exam with our Eye Doctors in Newington or South Windsor, CT

The earliest detection is the key to fighting eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. That's why it's so important for you to have regular eye exams, and why the Optomap Daytona is such an important tool. If it's time for your next eye examination and you're looking for a South Windsor or Newington optometrist, call our South Windsor office at 860-644-4362 or the Newington office at 860-667-2020 today.

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