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Suffering From Eye Floaters? Look what our South Windsor and Newington Optometrist Has To Say

If you’ve never experienced it for yourself, it is hard to explain the annoyance and even discomfort of eye floaters. Eye floaters are literal “spots” that show up in your field of vision. Sometimes, they occur in the short term if you look at something bright; however, they usually go away quickly. Lingering floaters or a large spot that interferes with your vision is much more concerning and may require professional assistance from an optometrist in South Windsor and Newington, CT.

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Symptoms of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are not painful, but they are annoying and can have a serious impact on your work, enjoyment of hobbies and your entire life. They are one of those problems that if you have them, you’ll likely know. Symptoms are spots, dots, strings, lines or rings that appear in your vision and follow you even as you try to look away. If they last more than a few moments, they may be a problem for you--or become one in the future.

What Causes Eye Floaters?

Floaters or eye spots will usually appear when the gel-like substance called vitreous begin floating around in the back of the eye. When the material begins moving around it can cast shadows on the retina when you’re in a well-lit area. Because they are caused by undissolved gel particles in the liquid area of the eye, it is possible to notice them in many shapes and sizes. Eye floaters more often occur in adults and especially older adults because the vitreous thins and liquefies with age. Therefore, there is more opportunity for undissolved particles to move about within the eye.

Treatment Options for Eye Floaters

In many cases, eye floaters will eventually dissolve on their own. They are a temporary annoyance and do not require treatment, only mindful watching. However, for more severe floaters that interfere with vision, treatment may be needed. There are two main courses of action--a vitrectomy and laser treatment. In the past, the vitrectomy was the only option. As an invasive treatment, the risks often outweigh the benefits. Today, doctors have access to laser treatments they use to break down the gel-like matter and vaporize them.

Aucello Eye Care Center Offers Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Floaters

Individuals suffering from eye floaters on a long-term basis or floaters large enough to negatively impact vision should contact an Aucello Eye Care Center right away. We will give you a thorough exam, discuss your concerns and help you decide if treatment or a “wait and see” approach is best.

If you are suffering from eye floaters or have any other concerns about your vision, call your optometrist in South Windsor and Newington, CT--Aucello Eye Center. You can reach our South Windsor office at 860-650-1762 or our Newington office at 860-667-2020. We look forward to working with you.

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