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See Like You've Never Seen Before with Premium Lenses at Our Newington and South Windsor Optometrists!

At Aucello Eye Care Center, we offer a variety of premium lenses for all types of vision needs. We can provide lenses for you that other eye doctors do not offer or will need to place a special order for, which can further delay your vision needs. In cases which we will have to order special lenses, rest assured that you will receive your lenses quickly so you can enjoy clear vision again. During our initial exam we determine if you require special lenses, review your lifestyle, and set up a custom lens package that best fits your individual needs.

Are you looking for a specific kind of premium lens to fill your eye glasses prescription? Call our optometrists in Newington or South Windsor today!

What Types of Premium Lenses Does Our Newington and South Windsor Optometrists Offer?

Here at Aucello Eyecare, we pride ourselves on offering the cutting edge of lens technology. These technologies will allow you to see better in any environment and are each custom tailored to each individual patients needs. Whether you need glasses for driving, glasses for office work, or goggles for a recreational sport, we have the custom answer to your visual needs. From progressive multifocal lenses to single vision lenses, we stock only the highest quality product to ensure that you'll say "wow" when you pick up your new glasses.

Crizal Anti-glare

Are you tired of having people see your glasses and not your eyes? Is night driving a chore because of the reflection of oncoming cars? Then we have the solution for you with Crizal branded anti-glare lenses. These lenses, in addition to looking cosmetically appealing by appearing invisible, offer a host of other beneficial properties. Gone are the starbursts surrounding car headlights and streetlamps at night, gone is that pesky reflection off your computer monitor and harsh overhead florescent lights. With Crizal's patented product these issues become a thing of the past. Our lenses are treated both on the front side and back side with this process to allow for more light to pass through the lenses, which allows more light into your eye for sharper vision. With more light coming into your eye you will experience improved night vision, along with reduced eyestrain during daylight hours because your eye muscles will not have to strain to see whats clearly in-front of you. These Crizal products also offer unparalleled scratch resistance and are available with additional coatings that help to make cleaning a breeze by naturally repelling dust, dirt, water and oil.

Transitions Brand

We understand that not everyone wants to carry around a pair of glasses for inside as well as a pair for outside. It's time to have the best of both worlds. Transition brand lenses offer the user the unique ability to leave your sunglasses at home. These lenses rapidly change from crystal clear indoors to a dark tinted lens minutes after stepping outside, and will revert back to clear as soon as you walk inside. These lenses are especially convenient for patients who spend most of their day constantly transitioning between inside and outside. Another benefit to these lenses is that as the sun sets, or clouds move in, they will adapt to the changing environment and lighten up, making sure that you are not stranded at night wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Varilux Progressives

In a time when everything seems to do less, its time for something that does more. At Aucello Eyecare Center we stock only Varilux branded progressive lenses. Progressive lenses offer all the benefits of a standard bifocal lens without the cosmetics of a line running through the center of your lenses. Enjoy a more youthful appearance with these no line bifocals. These lenses offer unparalleled vision at any distance and a smooth transition between the distance and the reading, allowing for a comfortable viewing experience. Computer work has never been easier! Varilux has long been at the forefront of progressive lens design and has always set a high bar that competitors cannot match. Come in today and have your custom measurements taken and see like you never have before. Varilux lenses can also be combined with Transitions coating and Crizal anti-glare so you can truly have one pair of glasses that does it all.

Schedule an Appointment to See Our Optometrists in South Windsor or Newington

Your eye doctor in South Windsor is waiting to examine you and fit you for all of your premium lens needs. In addition to our South Windsor optometrist, we also have an optometrist in Newington available for your convenience. Make an appointment to come see us for your examination, evaluation, to be fitted for your new lenses, and get your custom lens package designed. At Aucello Eye Care Center, we can do it all for you.

Simply call us today to make your appointment for your initial appointment and evaluation. We're waiting to hear from you. You can reach us at (860) 644-4362 for the South Windsor location or 860-667-2020 for Newington.  

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