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Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment with Our Optometrist in Newingtoncomputer vision syndrome treatment in newington

Treating computer vision syndrome starts with our eye doctor in South Windsor. Our South Windsor optometrist wants to educate patients on what to watch for and catch computer vision syndrome before it seriously affects your visual wellness. 

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome? 

Computer vision syndrome is caused by too much screen time that can cause legitimate strain on the eyes as well as other related health concerns. Our optometrist in Newington suggests being diagnosed early to prevent eye strain. 

How Is Computer Vision Disorder Diagnosed?

Diagnosis is determined through an eye exam where our optometrist in Newington tests your field of vision in relation to potential computer screen eye strain. The test will look at eye distance from the computer and potential strain that may take place. 

Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome In Newington

You may experience blurred vision, dry eyes neck and shoulder pain and headaches. These issues may be involved in eye movement and eye coordination.

How Is Computer Vision Treated?

Sometimes we cannot reduce our computer time, but taking breaks is one of our South Windsor optometrist suggestions. Resting the eyes can be very effective. Resting the eyes for at least 15 minutes is ideal. We also suggest you change the angle you view the computer, reduce glare and blink often. Be sure your workstation is in an ergonomic position as well. Please ask us how we can help rearrange your workstation to help you combat computer vision syndrome. 

In many cases, eyeglasses or contact lenses are an optimal solution. Our eye doctor in Newington may suggest eye glasses with specialized tint or lenses to help reduce strain. In some cases, a bifocal lens may be appropriate to treat your computer vision syndrome as well. 

Eye strain causes muscular changes to the eye as well. For this reason, we may prescribe ocular therapy to address this. Visual training is a series of visual activities that retrain the eye to keep strain from causing symptoms. Visual training works at improving communication between the eyes and the brain. As a result of regular eye training, eye-brain coordination, eye teaming, eye movement and eye focusing can be improved. 

Our Newington optometrist has found that in-office and at-home training is the most effective combination of treatment.

Regular Eye Exams with your Newington & South Windsor Optometrist

Our Newington and South Windsor optometrists suggest having a regular eye exam to alleviate or recognize symptoms of computer vision syndrome. 

Is computer eye strain giving you problems? Our eye doctor in Newington looks forward to helping you devise a lifestyle and treatment plan to help you and your eyes to work efficiently. Please call us for an appointment at (860) 644-4362. For your convenience, we are open nights and weekends. 

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